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The historic land of odisha is also well known for its excellent handicrafts and handlooms . some of the important handicrafts items are:-

  • Applique Work

    The exquisite art involves cutting of colorful fabrics in the shape of flowers, birds and animals and stitching them artistically on colored cloth. The most popular items are – the colored canopies , awnings and garden and beach umbrellas.


    These unique folk paintings are painted on a specially . prepared surface and depict animals, flowers and mythological figures.

  • Horn work

    The exquisite horn articles created in odisha vie with the real objects of nature. The long-legged stork is the most popular horn-work item.


    Beautiful articles ranging from utensils to decorative pieces re made from brass and bell metal in odisha.

  • Stoneware

    Black stone bowls and plates of khiching, multicolored statuettes are some of the important stoneware article produced in odisha.


    Odisha is also well known for its sil and handloom fabrics and sarees. Sambalpur and Cuttack sarees are unique . Fabrics for dresses , furnishings, bedspreads and table cloths are also popular.

  • Silver Filigree

    The delicate silver filigree work of odisha is regarded as one of the finest in the world. Some of the most popular shopping items are – cigar boxes, jewellery, baskets and decorative trays.


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